Vision and Mission Statement

 Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The vision of CDL & CE is to be a centre of excellence in the provision of set of quality access to and availability of distance learning educational contents, quality, accountability through innovative technology-based services to enhance teaching and learning.

 Mission Statement

The mission of CDLCE is to deliver quality education by creating a virtual campus of the University beyond its physical location to meet the changing needs of the learner and society through integrated education, innovative and cost effective use of application and cutting-edge technologies in the delivery of excellence academic and other services.

 Core Values

The quality of an e-learning course is enhanced by learner-centred content, granularity; engaging content; interactivity; and personalization.
The values underlying the delivery of distance learning of the University include:

  • Access - extending access to tertiary education to people, irrespective of age, location, disability, gender, etc.;
  • Quality e-Learning - academic quality in all programmes delivered via distance learning;
  • Discipline and Commitment – providing needed resources for the distance learning programme;
  • Standard Programme  and quality training for staff to successfully deliver distance learning programmes; and 
  • Technology leveraging to mediate learning
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