12 thoughts on “2019/2020 Application For Admission Form

  1. When is the Admission / screening starting?

    Is like noting is happening concerning admission/ screening from you own calendar.

    Please, I have gotten the cdl form , I have applied too ,even with jamb.

    So, when will the names of those admitted be dropping?

  2. How much is the acceptance fee and school fees for economics fresher..Am seeing 30k for acceptance and i was told 10k wen i went to their office

  3. Pls Sir, I want to know the ACCEPTANCE FEE, SCHOOL FEE and other things that I need to know & when will it commence

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  5. Hi, please can i get the portal to check the admission.
    The one am checking is this https://portal.uniabuja.edu.ng/…. are they are asking for registration number and password.
    Please help out, i need to check my admission.

    Thanks… expecting possible response.

  6. I am 400 level and l want transfer from Malaysian universe to Nigera and l am marketing student can l continue as a administration if no marketing
    thank you

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